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byjimsparkman, October 15, 2013
I compared several file sharing extensions before selecting RSFiles! for my needs. It has come a long way since reviews from last year and I would absolutely recommend it. I almost went with another component because the demo is still using a much older version, so I had many of the concerns other reviewers had here. Then I found some newer video guides showing off the new front-end interface and started to dig deeper. The folder security is fabulous and it's no longer an issue displaying all folders in the root when clicking the Home button. If you don't have permission to view a folder on the root, you won't see it, won't even know it's there. I'm really glad I decided on RSFiles! ad I believe it's the only component that can give me everything I needed. My only wish is that RSJoomla! would update documentation and their demo site. While you can figure out how everything work on the back-end through experimentation and testing, I could have made a decision much faster and would have been able to implement much quicker, as well. As for final results, though, I don't think it gets any better. And support was very responsive, even going beyond what the had to do to identify and issue in my template that caused a problem with button icons. Thanks Guys!
byjimsparkman, October 5, 2013
Xpert Slider
This is a great, lightweight but very functional slider module. I found it while researching template/theme providers and came across ThemeXpert. As a template provider, ThemeXpert already stands out, next to RocketTheme, JoomlArt, etc. and the Xpert Slider module is but one of many other great extensions, too. The support from the guys at ThemeXpert is really excellent, as well. Responsive and capable. I highly recommend them.
byjimsparkman, October 5, 2013
I'm happy to join with so many users and reviewers of EasyBlog and submit an Excellent! rating. Wow, I am really amazed at how good this component is. I've worked with core Joomla and K2 for my blog and considered EasyBlog for 2-3 months before committing. I had a number of questions before the sale and Stack Ideas responded so quickly. My only regret is not having committed to EasyBlog sooner. Installation and configuration went so very well and after spending a day reviewing settings, writing a first post, testing and tweaking, I feel I'm already very competent and comfortable with the software. The EasyBlog Control Panel is so well done and very powerful and EasyBlog integrates into Joomla so seamlessly and works absolutely flawlessly. Works great with core Joomla users and authentication, too.

Wonderful product and I'll be using it everywhere I need a blog. Thanks, Stack Ideas!
byjimsparkman, October 5, 2013
SCLogin Enhanced Login
Very happy to have found this one, it's the best login extension and support is fantastic... very, very knowledgeable, helpful and fast to respond.