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byjjcostello, September 16, 2014
Easy Responsive Tabs
I had a problem once I went over three tabs. This happened only when I was a database grid plugin which is intended to give information from the MySql database (used jDBExport extension) on a yearly basis. The service from the developer was enough to buy this extension because they simply kept at it until they found a work around and an understandable configuration.
I would recommend that on all occasions whenever you have a problem with this extension,no matter how small, you contact the developer.
The combination of both extensions makes an excellent outcomes for anyone trying to extract information from a MySql database.

A great extension and a great service!
byjjcostello, June 22, 2014
Table JX
Thanks for the marvellous extension. It has cut down my work on coding and mysql queries etc. In fifteen minutes I was able to achieve what would normally take hours.

It has all the features I need. I look forward to further features eg print, pdf, excel, word format.
byjjcostello, June 15, 2013
I am so pleased to have found this piece of software.

All my records on the web pages get updated automatically as data is input by the students.

I am discovering new facets recently as I am getting more familiar with MySQL Query.
byjjcostello, January 19, 2012
iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
For years I have been looking for a worthwhile FAQ. Now it has come and long may it last.
I feel I could build most of my websites around this component. Thanks.
byjjcostello, January 6, 2012
MediaLibrary Basic
I have had a lot of difficulties trying to decide which component to use. The staff at Ordosoft were excellent. They were always available, and responded very quickly to my requests for more information and how to maneuver my way through the component. I shall be buying this software.