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byjjspelman, September 19, 2014
Responsive Photo Gallery
I really liked the layout and simplicity of this app. Very nice and responsive as well.

One drawback is that it was not compatible with the video gallery app I was using (VideoBox). The photos would not show up in the galleries, just the skin would when I had both the video and photo galleries active. I had to keep the video gallery and find another compatible photo gallery. But i will use this for another site for sure.
byjjspelman, August 28, 2014
Membership Pro
I would give it a higher rating if I could. Tuan was absolutely instrumental in resolving the issue I had with my JoSocial site and MembershipPro. The real kicker? It wasn't a Membership Pro issue - and he still took the time to research it tell me what the previous site manager did that caused the problem for my site. I am so pleased with this component and incredible support that I can guarantee that I will return for more!
byjjspelman, April 9, 2012
Slideshow CK
The interface is fine, very simple to install and use. And works quite nicely in all major browsers on Mac - but, no surprise, not in IE 8 on PC. IE actually freezes an unexpectedly closes. Cannot use anymore until this is fixed. Too bad.
Owner's reply

this has been fixed in version 1.0.4 (coming soon) which is now compatible IE8

byjjspelman, January 18, 2012
Simple Random Quotes
I have been looking for something like this and it sifts the bill nicely! The only issue I have is the inability to stylize the quotes themselves using the "emergency" quotes. But the biggest issue I had was the quote / author separator. My client's company name has hyphens in it so it created some issues. But I resolved it by adding n-dashes in the company name. Maybe there should be some warning or reference to this issue?
byjjspelman, April 28, 2011
Admin Forever
I was just wishing for something like this the other day after losing a good deal of work because I was logged out. Thanks!!!
I had a site with 16 separate contact points and needed forms customized for each of them. This was a great solution!!

What's more, when I had a question about implementation or installation, tech support replied within an hour! No kidding!! Excellent product and support. Not something you always find. Glad I did.

Great job guys!!
byjjspelman, August 25, 2010
Love this extension! One of the great features is the link editor as well as the formatting pallet for adding images. Very cool!