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byjk15060, April 10, 2014
Vertical Accordion Menu - All in One
Not only does this extension provide a great way to reduce the amount of "website real estate" needed for menus, but the support is absolutely outstanding. Had an issue using Accordion Menu with IDX searches and the support staff was willing to help resolve this issue quickly and effectively. Kudos to the NextEnd folks on a wonderful extension.
byjk15060, November 24, 2013
Ozio Gallery
I have been looking for an extension like this one for a long time. Ozio Gallery works great for photography websites where quality and number of images tend to slow down the site in general. This extension provides a beautiful way of handling numerous images and integrates nicely with G+. Support is readily available which is as important to me as the extension itself. Kudos!
byjk15060, August 6, 2013
ACL Manager
I can't recommend this extension enough! ACL Manager is an amazing tool, but the support is superb!

Sent in a ticket, got assistance almost immediately, had everything explained to me in a way that I understood.

Nothing means more to me than top-notch support from the folks who make an extension.

Want to experience that quality extension and fantastic support? Grab ACL Manager today!

Recommend without question!
byjk15060, August 8, 2012
I have been using EasyBlog for quite some time now, watching the extension change with the latest technology.

EasyBlog is just that - EASY! Configuring a blog to integrate with Social Networking has become extremely easy to do.

StackIdeas is ALWAYS available to assist when problems arise. Their response time is very fast and they are always willing to continue to help until the question has been answered.

Support is as important as the extension itself, and EasyBlog is superb!
RSform Pro
I have been using RSForm Pro now for a few months and must convey my happiness with this product. The ability to backup and restore a form has saved me countless hours of re-creating a similar form, from one website client to another. The ability to use scripts in RSForm Pro was also another reason why I chose this extension. The more I use RSForm Pro, the more I like its functionality.

And, as icing on the cake, RSForm Pro's technical support staff are available to those who purchase the product. Even when I am so stuck I don't think there's a way to fix a form, RSForm Pro's staff are there to lend a hand. They are courteous professionals who answer inquiries very quickly, so there's really no waiting for them to respond. Without solid, consistent, friendly, and knowledgeable support staff, this extension wouldn't rise above the rest.

When a client of mine was complaining about the Form Submission results interface, RSForm Pro staff was already cognizant of the issue and is currently working to make those needed changes. The issue became more of a hassle to my client than a product issue because exporting the form submissions is already built into the product.

I believe this product is one of the best I have tested and am now using consistently for all my web clients. Thank you RSJoomla team, not only for an excellent product, but for the superb technical expertise & support you provide!
byjk15060, June 14, 2010
I just want to convey my thanks and praise to the good folks at aiContactSafe for this incredible component! Initially I got the compoent working locally, in conjunction with JCEMediaBox, to configure a pop-up window that will be used for lead generation. Once I configured the form again on a test website, I had issues with the sizing of the pop up box. By posting my question/issue on aiContactSafe's forum, I had my questions answered immediately. I even had the developer offer to login to my Joomla website, which he did, and successfully found the setting that was preventing me from re-sizing the pop up window. Great component and superb support from the developer!!