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I contacted them and asked is it working, because a had my doubts since the reviews aren´t good.

This is what i got:

"we used to have more than 30 positive reviews but due to some issues with JED, it has been removed we had a hard time developing obHelpDesk 3 series, which is now available and in that time, we are not very good at customer support service (because of human resouce)"

Ok, nice to hear. But it is not working and support worked only when i was buying it, not when i had my problems.

I tried to install it in two Joomla 3.1.5 sites and both of those had different problems (those are in same server). Blank pages here and there, debug gives errors..

Also there are really no dokumentation for this. I asked refund, lets see do i have it. I already removed that extension and buyed another one, hopefully it is working better. If not then i need to buy Maqma helpdesk again (im using it on my site now and its working really great, but upgrade is really expensive).

Another nice suprice was with obhelpdesk, when i submitted ticket to them (they are using it on their site). Submitting was ok, but i got confirmation about that ticket about 5h later. Thats fine, slow postman..
But today i was looking that have they replyed to it, no , my ticket is gone! One of my test sites did the same..

I really cant have anything good to say about this right now. This should be free beta right now, not commercial extension.
Owner's reply

We are sorry to hear that. We used to have problem with send-mail on our server which prevented our customer support service, it's ok now and we are ready to support obHelpDesk's customers.

byjkwebdesign, January 30, 2011
I have tried several form extensions (Fabric, ckforms, jforms and few other. This is the very BEST ONE!

-It´s working like a charm and it is enough customizable so i could use it with many sites. -Many nice themes with it and with css u can do miracles.. Licence does not have any domain rescrictions.

..And support, WOW.. I had little problem when i tried to manage show/hide section (it was my fault), but i got answered and he also fixed it to my site after 30min.

Thank guys and keep up the good work.