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byjleng, February 28, 2013
simple and easy: install, name and describe your product, upload photo, set your paypal email - done!

works great but could use a few more features to fully satisfy me and give it an Excellent! rating
byjleng, February 27, 2013
I have been looking for this for so long. Assign an empty page as a menu item and then fill the page with only modules.

No item-separators, no "blank" message. Just a completely empty section. No more workarounds in css to hide articles or empty categories!
byjleng, January 10, 2013
I agree, I wish I could change the backend icon. Other than that, this is a great extension! Enable, upload, assign, be done!
byjleng, December 3, 2012
Submit Article Redirect
Does exactly what I was hoping for: redirecting the user to a page after he/she creates a new article in the front end.

I can't get the message to display though and I couldn't get the redirect to the home page to work either. It sent me some other random place in the page.

I wish I could redirect to an article
byjleng, November 27, 2012
JoomPhoto Mobile
using it with joomgallery and it works great!
very simple interface.
i wish i could store multiple websites in the app
maybe this is not related to joomphoto but joomgallery, but very high resolution pictures sent via this app would arrive on my server but not processed into thumbnails and details and therefore not go live onto the page
i love this plugin!
Owner's reply

Contact us on forum:
for verify the problem of the thumbnails and details in JoomGallery

byjleng, November 18, 2012
does what i expect it to, which is sending me an email from a form
really, all in all, very simple, just to the point
byjleng, November 18, 2012
I did not try out all its features, only the facebook like and twitter tweet button, and the autopost to twitter. Those 3 work just the way I want them to.
Quite a few options to change layout and looks of the buttons.
I had trouble getting multiple buttons to work, but that might be because of the templates I'm using