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byjloday, March 2, 2011
Event Booking
Just because an extension needs some degree of customer service doesn't make it bad. Most of the time it is the user that is in need. I purchased this extension last week. Of course I waited to the last minute to launch it and had a problem. The developer is in Vietnam and completely out of my time zone, though his Skype name was on his website he was not online. Most likely sleeping. This morning I got to work in a frenzy because my booking was still down. The owner was online and was able to assist me via Skype immediately. The issue wasn't even his product. It was a minor setting in Pay Pal. Something I should have been able to figure out. He kindly and quickly helped me and my event booking is taking reservations as we speak. Customer service goes a long way! I love that I was able to contact him via Skype and get immediate assistance. Very very good. Thanks.