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byjmccann, October 26, 2007
I installed this Component as I need an event manager to allow events to be submitted through the public Front End.
Unfortunatley this component generates erors when an attempt is made to publish an event and nothing gets recorded.
I cannot use this component as it doesnt work properly.
byjmccann, December 11, 2006
I was needing an extension that would allow me to build Drop Down menus. I looked at other options and experimented with them in futile attempts to get drop downs onto my site.
This component is a double thumbs up. The installation was simple and it is so easy to get professional looking drop downs without ever leaving the Compments admin back end and going to hack land. The supporting documentation and online help is excellent.

Don't go wasting your time as I did trying to find a better menuing component. This should be part of the Joomla core.

Well done.