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byjmfavrexfor, November 10, 2008
Akeeba Backup
This is a MUST. Installation: click, click. Just worked fine. Then a few click to look what was in the config panel. Then pressed the backup button. That's all.
Can be used to make croned backup. Really cool.
byjmfavrexfor, November 10, 2008
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This is an excellent component. May be one of the best for joomla. The editor popup windows look very professional. The free version is really worth. I also subscribed to get the other plugins. I'm more than happy with them as they greatly simplify content editing and file uploading. Giving the means to members to upload their images or files on the fly when writting content is one of the most important features for an editor. The default way of dealing with files/images through the administrative interface is really a big pain for members with low skills. With the JCE image managers and other managers this task is just as simple as it should be. You want to put an image in an article ? then just select the upload button. That's it.
I haven't tried yet to write a plugin for JCE (this editor has a well thought architecture), but I think that this should be feasible.
One suggestion: to make a plugin to include community builder profile elements, or at least pictures of users. This could be added in the link plugin.
Good work.
byjmfavrexfor, October 30, 2008
This component is fine. It adds nice looking effect to your website. Easy to use.
It would be nice to have control on the position of the image if the image is smaller than the zone defined. Otherwise just fine.