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byjmil, January 23, 2012
I had a recent complete failure of an Older Site and lost most of my Tables and Data. Having to replace my Site with a new one I was disappointed to find that I had also lost all of my previous members and on a Commercial Site that is not good! I was able to retrieve my User Tables but the info was not in correct order or usable. I contacted Userport and after trying unsuccessfully myself to add the members - They did it FOR ME - WOW! Outstanding Customer Service and support!
byjmil, December 22, 2010
You dont get to many Modules that work OUT of the Box on any Custom Website or in particular a Very customized Yoo Theme Configuration. Conflicts always arise with issues.

I was expecting this Mod to break something or cause the gallery Pop ups to fail - or - or - or Something!

This mod installed - Setup in Minutes - Tested without a single Issue! I love the Pop Links for Websites in my Sobi - Directory and for Terms and Conditions. Well done by the Developer!
byjmil, December 22, 2010
Worked Right out of the Box without an issue even using a YooTheme!

Merry Christmas!