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byjnprod, July 22, 2009
CB Public Mail
I think the concept is great. And the e-mailing it self works great. But the security behind having the public e-mail you, really dictates using Captcha. Which seems to work if it is in the middle section, and pushing all the tabs below the screen. But finding out it works to the right, tabbed with the status of the member, it did, but it seemed to break the captcha for the CB Wall that Nat created. So since it doesn't work in the tab section with the rest of my CB profile plugins, and seemed to break the Wall entry using Captcha, Average is about all I can give it. I did go to the website and look for a place to get assistance, but no forum option was available.
Overall, a really great idea, and wish I could use it, but still has a couple of bugs.