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byjobgerlings, May 24, 2014
DT Register
DT Register is a good service, has everything you need. But for Dutch users, please check if your Ideal paying system does connect with DT Register. The one I used didn't and making it work was possible, but would costs me more. And for all users: friendly support, good system.
byjobgerlings, May 24, 2014
Excellent covers it all. The system is very easy to use, customer friendly at the front-end and back-end. And the support of Robert Dam is top of the bill too. Don't look any further, this is the ticketservice you're looking for.
byjobgerlings, August 9, 2012
Cookie Confirm
Very simple to install, easy to set and very good looking on the front end. This plugin really does the trick to comply with the new EU law on the usage of cookies. And after a small hick up in downloading, the response was within 5 minutes and very effective. I say: just do it and download this extension now!
byjobgerlings, December 14, 2011
Event Booking
Very easy to use component for your events. It does all the necessary things I was looking for.
But if you like to make sure the component and modules fit into your design, you have to understand quite a lot of css and html codes. The Ossolution team is very helpful and a big THANK YOU for that. But still, a few extra´s in the configuration wouldn´t be a bad idea for a following update.
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking time to leave my extension your rating and review (a nice review :)). I just want to correct one thing in your review :

You said "But if you like to make sure the component and modules fit into your design, you have to understand quite a lot of css and html codes".

I believe the extension by default can work on any templates without any modification. For some special templates, you might have to modify css alitle and in this case, if you need help, our template/css developers are available to help you with these small modification .


Ossolution Team

byjobgerlings, December 14, 2011
Fantastic component and very easy to use. I had my website in 5 minutes mobile proof. Simple adjustments and my site looks beter than ever on my mobile phone.
Thanks, and really thanks for the add plugin. That creates a better look for a professional website.
byjobgerlings, August 2, 2010
Art Sexy Lightbox
I didn't expact this much to get out of it. Great plugin and module. This extension gives your site a professional look.
And a great support, within a day reply on my questions.