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byjocco, August 9, 2014
JSN ImageShow PRO
I've been using JSN Image gasllery for some time now and am still in awe at the choices, the ease of use and the fact that it works every time.
The free version is enough for lots of sites but for a little extra the full power of the extension fulfills the image needs for every level.
byjocco, June 1, 2014
WDS Twitter Widget
Simple to install with a instructions on set up right on the plugin screen. Just works!
Owner's reply

Thanks it's good to know our instructions are clear.

byjocco, May 25, 2014
Mini K2
A very straight forward extension to install and configure. Great selection of display ,modes and very simple to change between them. Gives a nice, simple and inviting display to your site visitors. Can be installed multiple times for individual page displays.
byjocco, January 6, 2013
Very easy to install and set up. Much more accurate then the standard joomla module. Provides a nice breakdown and clean look on the frontpage. The backend module is great for quick stats analysis.
Love that I can block IP's and bots.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!

byjocco, May 27, 2012
If I am looking for a Calendar for a site then this is the one I prefer to use. Jevents is simple to install, configure and use.
It can be updated from front and back and is easy to use for website visitors and registered users.
The modules for displaying events on other pages are very simple and easy to configure and fit nicely into the theme of my sites.
byjocco, May 26, 2012
Akeeba Backup
Akeeba backup is the second extension I install on any site I build.
I lost a large (around 1000 articles) site a few years ago because I did not have a proper backup system in place. I am self taught and need an extension that is fairly simple to understand, configure and use.
Akeeba Backup fulfills all that and more. I have used it to migrate from host to host, restore after completley stuffing up migrations of joomla versions, after a site was hacked. Most of the sites I make are for non-profit clubs so I do noit get paid for my time and it is great to have access to such a brilliant extension for no cost.
byjocco, May 26, 2012
When I make a new Joomla site there are three extensions I add immediately - JCE Editor, Akeeba Backup and DOCMan.
If you have files to download from your site then DOCMan is a superb choice. Installation is a breeze, setup is very easy to understand and configure, files can be uploaded and documents created from the front and back end. The site screen is very easy for website visitors to understand and use. Statistics are also very good.

I have been using Joomla for a number of years but I am self taught with a minimal understanding of html/css and databases. I like extensions that are easy to use and DOCMan certainly falls in that category.
Support is also excellent. I recently upgraded my subscription and made an error in my email address and it was fixed quite quickly for me.
byjocco, May 26, 2012
Joo ReCaptcha
Download, install, enable and bob's your uncle.
Thanks for a very useful and necessary plugin.
byjocco, May 6, 2012
ITPSocial Buttons
This module is easy to install, has multiple parameters that are easy to understand and configure and works right out of the box.
I used it on a 1.5 and 2.5 installation without a problem. Brilliant!!