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byjodancer, September 16, 2014
Google Maps by Reumer
Great extension with lots of options to make your map just as you want it. Works out of the box with no issues. Thank you!
byjodancer, May 27, 2014
MG Thumbnails
Installed and working in less than 5 minutes! Works very well and is very easy to use, just resize the image and you're done. Thank you
byjodancer, September 14, 2013
Youtube Gallery
Very easy to configure, displays videos from Youtube and other sites, your whole channel if you want with playlists etc. Gets the video details with description, views etc. Looks great too with plenty of display options. I didn't even have to change any css either as its such a nice clean design! Very speedy support too. Highly recommended component
byjodancer, September 10, 2013
Perfect Facebook Like Box Sidebar
Had it up and running in minutes. Looks good too. Documentation seems to cover everything. Thanks!
byjodancer, May 17, 2013
Maxi Menu CK
I have used this on a number of sites and it’s great to be able to have stunning menus!
I highly recommend the parameters plugin, for a small price you can have all styling options in the module and also in the menu items which makes things much easier and quicker. Support is also very good. Thanks!
byjodancer, March 12, 2013
You would not believe how many people and bots try to hack your site all day everyday. I wish I had installed this sooner! Don't wait for your site to be hacked as the chances are someone is trying right now. They install all sorts of scripts and can easily get your whole server blacklisted. It's well worth the peace of mind.
Prestashop Products
Had it up and running in no time in database mode. Joomla 2.5 and Prestashop 1.4. I had wanted to show products from Prestashop in Joomla for a while and found this module which is very easy to use.
Thanks guys for an excellent extension!
byjodancer, December 15, 2012
SP Weather
Had this up and running in no time in 3 languages, A couple of css changes to fit in with my site but it does have a nice layout so you don't relly have to change anything if you don't want to. Thanks!
byjodancer, December 11, 2012
Lovely effect and can be made quite subtle. Thank you!
byjodancer, October 14, 2012
Great component, a must for Joomla instalations where you will have categories and articles. It's so versatile and keeps everything neat and tidy. Thanks!
byjodancer, July 9, 2012
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Load module into article
Very quickand simple to add a module in an article by ID of module.
byjodancer, June 25, 2012
JCH Optimize
This is a must for speeding up your site. I had a lot of problems with pages taking a long time to load and WOW! it really works!

Thanks for a great plugin
byjodancer, June 25, 2012
Easy Frontend SEO
Makes SEO much easier. Just navigate to any page and insert your title description and keywords. Could that be any simpler?
You can even asign users.
Owner's reply

You are absolutely right. As I already said:

"The handling of the metadata in Joomla! has never been so easy!"


byjodancer, March 12, 2012
Classifieds Redux
Very Flexible, great for paid and or featured ads with paypal integration. Different fields for different categories etc. Excellent component and excellent support. Thank you
byjodancer, November 11, 2011
mavik Thumbnails
Very easy to use. Just add an image to the article then resize with the cursor. That's it! Save article and see the result.
Nice thanks
byjodancer, October 10, 2011
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I was getting very frustrated with spammer registration and spammers adding ads and posts. Make sure you select the webs where you want the checks done as they are not put by default so you can choose which ones to check against. Gone down to zero spam!! My only wish is that I could sent a rude message to them when they register!!!
byjodancer, June 27, 2011
DM Ask Info Popup
I would like to thank the developers for their outstanding support. I had a outdated jquery file which was causing conflicts (no fault of the developers of the extension). I contacted support who fixed it for me straight away, (on a Sunday too!). This extension makes is very easy to send a contact message about a specific article without leaving the article and includes a link to the article in question.
Very affordable and very useful!
byjodancer, May 20, 2011
AL Facebook Comments Box
Simple to use, can choose which categories and sections to use in and exclude certain articles.
Thank you!
byjodancer, July 9, 2009
Content Templater
This is a great component and can be used for many things. Catalogues etc. Once the template/s are done all you have to do is choose it for your article and fill in the rest and it's done. Great time saver, thank you.