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byjodofin, February 27, 2014
Excellent extension.

Very easy to install and it works a charm.

Even images tips are very responsive.
byjodofin, May 24, 2013
Starlite Notification Bar
A very useful plugin.

Works a little like hellobar.

Useful if want to catch users attention on the landing page, but can get a bit tiresome if users stay on your site.

Easy to customize the appearance.
Owner's reply

Hello jodofin, Thanks for such a great review.

byjodofin, May 19, 2013
iJoomla Speed Check
Like the other review, I had to change the version number. I got it working on a 2.5 site and it's brilliant.

It's particulary good at demonstrating the impact of caching on speed.

Simple and impressive.
byjodofin, May 7, 2013
EU Cookie Directive Lite
Very good and simple to use.

It displays a resizable black banner with a link to your privacy page and to the developers for extra info on the Cookie directive.

Painless to use on multiple sites and a commercial version available for configuration.

Would have like to see an option for presumed consent so that users don't have to click the accept button, but nonetheless it meets my needs and works without any hassle.
byjodofin, May 6, 2013
EU e-Privacy Directive
This worked okay and has lots of features.

It blocked Google cookies until the user accepted cookies, but all other cookies were set prior to consent.

This is probably okay in the UK where the ICO has accepted presumed consent.

But whilst the package has lots and lots of useful features, an option for presumed consent is not one of them.

I was able to get two display modes working - modal and ribbon and with the options for CSS styling this was enough flexibility.

If either a presumed consent option is added or if its improved so that it blocks all cookies as advertised (is this even possible???) I'd continue to use it.

As it is I am not sure whether it is even possible to block all third party cookies.
Owner's reply

Regarding cookies not blocked - you may have had session cookies already present or cookies from a subdomain (which are inaccessible). I worked very hard to be certain that I was not making a claim that I couldn't back-up when I said it blocks all cookies.

And regarding implied consent - yeah, ICO changed the rules mid-game and I haven't adapted. There are a few other free extensions in this category that operate only in the implied consent model, so you have options.

Thanks for the review! As a developer, I can tell you that the ratio of reviews to downloads is very very low.

byjodofin, December 2, 2012
SP Upgrade
Used to transfer 1.5 to 2.5 and worked with few problems.

Documentation is pretty useful and the extension seems designed to catch most problems that are likely to be encountered and actually offers choices as to how to deal with these problems. (Main problem encountered: issues with items with identical aliases).

Templates need to be migrated one at a time. And definitely a hit or miss (about 70% success rate).

Even though it is a paid product it works out less expensive than the free migration tools because it is quicker and a lot more reliable than the other tools I've tried.
byjodofin, December 2, 2012
Qlue Sitemap
Easy to use component.

Generated a comprehensive site, but the 2.5 version also included Special level as well as Registered and Public articles, and couldn't find any parameters to get around this.

Gave it a four for that reason.

Apart from that no probs. Does what it says on the tin.
byjodofin, December 29, 2011
Cache Cleaner
A very good and simple plugin which has more functionality than simply cleaning the cache.

Its a wee bit easier to use than the built-in Joomla cache cleaning too.
byjodofin, December 29, 2011
Well documented and very useful extension.

I needed something like this when Cache Wrapper, which overlaps a little in functionality, wasn't able to do the job of protecting a particular module from unwanted caching.

This achieved the solution. Nevermind it requires editing the template, it worked and was easy to implement.

This - along with CacheWrapper and CacheCleaner - is one of the three caching extensions I have to rate highly.

Excellent work.
byjodofin, December 21, 2011
Slider SP1
This is a nice extension which allows showcasing of articles in a module position. It is cleanly presented and allows suffix styling.

It worked on first instal but the main issue with it is a lack of resizing which limits its flexibility.

To be clear you can resize the module, but you it doesn't resize images.

It doesn't support random articles, but when used with NoNumber's Advanced Module Manager most of it's other limitations can be rectified.

The main plus point is that it is very simple and predictable.
byjodofin, December 19, 2011
Captify Content
After several difficulties getting this to work, I eventually found it really cool.

The documentation is very good, but I think it could have been made a bit more prominent that it needs a helper plugin.

Not as polished or easy to use as other modules that do the same but I was very impressed by the demo and also like that it is already J!1.7 ready.

Photos need to be inside the default Joomla location for Images for thumbs to render and they make this clear, but a lot of other extensions omit to mention this point.

All in all very pleased and looking forward to further developments
byjodofin, December 6, 2011
Advanced Module Manager
This is simply brilliant.

The functionality it adds to Joomla and the ease of use is incredible.

What's more it has improved tremendously since it was first introduced.

It involves features that everyone using Joomla needs.
byjodofin, December 6, 2011
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Lof ArticlesSlideShow
This is a very good module but one that suffers from a lack of documentation. I wasn't able to get all the features working the way I would like but what did work was well worth the effort.

The module delivers all I wanted but it will take a lot more tweaking to get the other features playing.

Responding to some of the comments below about the plugin not working, I found it worked in all browsers, but I had to change the settings in the very useful Lazy Loader plugin for the Lof ArticlesSlideShow to work.

The flipside of lack of documentation is that there are lots of settings which allow for precise control, it just takes a bit of time to try to find out how things fall together.

Once up and running, it's plain impressive.
byjodofin, June 19, 2011
BIGSHOT Google Analytics
Very Good and easy to use - very easy setup.

Installs in the system plugin category and is a lot easier to set up and use than the module based Google Analytics extensions.

Really can't think of any negatives.
byjodofin, June 3, 2011
A very useful product.

Several issues had to be worked through during and after installation and sometimes also when upgrading, but because of the amount of functionality it adds, this was acceptable (it was in beta version when I first began using it).

All in all it is the best extension for doing what it sets out to do that I have tried - that is to say there are several which do nearly the same thing but this one really delivers results.

I found it initially a bit confusing and for this reason delayed making use of it. I think this was a not a wise choice. Some extensions are worth putting in some time for and this is one of them.
byjodofin, February 16, 2011
CSS Gallery
I've used this plugin on several websites and it is reliable and very easy to use.
byjodofin, March 16, 2010
Mini FrontPage
This is an excellent module which has been very reliable over time.

Would recommend it to any.

The way it handles images is very impressive.
Extra Vote
This extension allows you to replace Joomla's own rating image and also to let users rate on as many categories as you want in the same article.

It really is simple to use and has useful configuration options like turning vote count on or off.

Very impressed.
byjodofin, February 6, 2010
FJ Related Articles Plus
Lots of settings so you can configure it just the way you want and easy to style using css.

I find it can also be used within articles when used in combination with Modules Anywhere.

Full marks.
byjodofin, August 3, 2009
Phoca Gallery
This is an amazingly useful extension. The backend and frontend functionality is superb.

The most impressive thing is that you can choose your thumbnail size for each of three modes.

Ease of use combined with configurability. There are backlinks front and back, but the front can be made quite discreet by choosing the text only option.

5stars all round. Magnificent.

There is also a gallery tree extension which goes with this which really adds to functionality.
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