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byjoejvghack, August 9, 2007
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After twenty eight years of IT experience, from small shops to one of the largest holdings corporations in the U.S.; on every imaginable platform, OS, programming language, whatever; in every imaginable job title, from Fiel Engineer and Application Support Specialist to Systems Architect, responsible for some very large projects, there are not very many things in IT that amazes me these days. This extension does. Also, I have used many others and they don't come close.

I have not looked at any documentation, whatever and I have had very few problems implementing this extension. Granted, there are a few items fully documented on the Fabrik Forum during installation. I had no problem finding these an implementing them.

Once in the package, there are plenty of helpful tooltips, etc. When used with the forum search, it is rather easy to use. But, I speak from a different perspective and if I was an end-user with minimal to average skill sets the package has a steep learning curve. If you do not understand enough to further research how to Create tables in a database, specifically, MySQL, then you will need to learn from Joomla tables as you can create simple, database-driven applications from them.

If you want to create powerful applications with this extension, the following minimums are essential:

1. Create tables in a MySQL database, using the Joomla database is okay and the Joomla tables may be used to enhance your application.
2. Be familiar with the basics of creating and using Cascading Style Sheets(CSS).
3. Understand basic concepts of HTML.
3. Know the basics of JavaScript to customize event handling.
4. Be familiar with the rudiments of the Document Object Model.

I would say this is not eyond the scope of a super-user. Developer skills are needed to use some of the advanced concepts such as using CURL and PHP, etc.

In short, a truly amazing extension that answers my issue of needing tools like this, with my arsenal of tools to enhance it, to cut down my application development time to weeks instead of months, using traditional methods, without the Joomla framework.

KUDOS to Rob Clayburn and anyone else on the Project Team that may have been involved.