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byjoekker, September 30, 2013
Perfect  Popup Box
Although I find complicated to create a module for all popup (in few articles I have 20), instead of this I would prefer a plugin that knows something like this module, but there isn't. So, it does the job best, knows a lot. I found that some basic information is missing from the documentation, regarding the configuration, but support is very quick, and helpful, so I gladly suggest.
byjoekker, March 4, 2012
EasyCalcCheck PLUS

I know it sounds strange but it is not easy to make your site to an invitation only site. I find strange that there is no such option by social components.
There are some paid invitation products, but they are heavy components.

A very simple solution would be a simple security question and answer captcha plugin. The invited user knows the password so he/she can register. Again, I really don't understand why social component providers think that everyone is only for having a big open community.

Back to the topic the only plugin that does this job for Joomla 2.5 is ECC+.
Unfortunately, the latest version was not compatible to Jomsocial, but he developer helped me to fix it quickly.
So, it works perfect and know I have a site where you can register only with a pass. So simple. I think, Joomla core should provide this function.
But thanks to ECC+ and their help, I have!
Great plugin and support, thak you!

Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!

byjoekker, December 3, 2011
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I have purchased Jomsocial 8 months ago. Durng this time I turned to their support three times. Twice I have got a quite quick answer for my problem as they have been easy (I haven't found an option or things like this). But as my problem is a serious bug, that they seem cannot solve, they choose the simplest but most disgusting way to avoid the problem, they DON'T ANSWER. Doesn't matter how many letters you write to their support or contact e-mail, they simple don't answer.

They had a quite good forum where you could get answer for your problem whitout disturbing them with a support ticket. But they discountinued their forum I don't know why, but I guess that is the reason wha they don't answer. Now they get all the problems in a ticket and have to answer the same solution for the same problem repeatedly to all the clients. So they had a wrong descion I guess and cannot handle the many tickets.

Let's see my case concrete. For a big site with many images Jomsocial offers a great option, you can connect to an AmazonS3 account. A cron job is sincronizing and site is speed up. Really great! BUT! After cronjob your detail and thumbnail images will be deleted from your server, but the thumbnail link still pointing to the server thumbnail. So, on the frontend no images are shown. First they tried to solve the problem, and admit that it is a bug. As it turned out that the solution they offered doesn't work (ie, they don't know the solution), they dissapear, you won't get any more answers.

Don't worry DM letters will come. They are bombing you with extending and upgrading letters, but your problem they don't care!

I cannot express how disappointed I am. The social component itself is great, good looking, deliberate, and most of the cases well working. I don't see a real concurrent for Joomla in social component. I wanted to build up many sites with it. But I cannot as it has this bug with no solution and I already don't want, as I dont want to make any more buisnesses with a company who has as DISGUSTING ATTITUDE. Even a "go to hell" letter would much more civilized solution like simple not to answer. As I am not not the only one who is facing with this issue as one star ratings here are concering this issue.

I hope someone soon will make a same good social component with an acceptable business attitude.
byjoekker, November 3, 2011
As in the title...

Very easy, good looking, with many features. Reliable not like K2 what is unquestionable but the reliablity and support(less) made me fed up.

Not the case with Easyblog. Not only reliable but the support is first class and an exaple for everyone!

Strange because I paid for it but really I feel grateful for this component, becuse makes my life easyer.

I pay the attention of the template developer to pay an attantion to Easyblog.

If I may I offer Easydiscuss as well, what is great for me as lightweight forum component. In fact Q&A component.

Chatix Chat
Thank you!
Simple, great, and works, not as the many others I have tried.

I really recommend!

byjoekker, September 8, 2011
Akeeba Backup
Spare a lot of job, simple to use!
The free version knows everything what is important except cron.
It is extraordinary helpful for me, much thanks!!!

Owner's reply

Thank you for your kind words!

You have made a little mistake, though (many people do that, don't worry). The free version of our software (Akeeba Backup Core) does support CRON jobs. In fact, we've been supporting CRON jobs to automate your backups for four years now, ever since the software was called JoomlaPack. You might want to take a quick look at our documentation at

Even if your host supports neither wget nor curl, we still have a solution for you. Very recently, we've cooperated with so that their service could support our web-based automatic backups. Guess what? They made it and they made it super cheap, too. With their current price list, you can backup a medium-sized site every day using Akeeba Backup Core and for less than 10$ per year.

Enjoy your automated backups; they'll certainly help you sleep better at night :)

byjoekker, September 8, 2011
Design is outdated and functionality could be better. It is as good it would be worth to improve.
Anyway very useful and great for a free component, thank you!

In one word great.
Although there are more complex and great moduls, perhaps because of the complexity all of them have something makes me crazy. I guess this is the first modul, what is makes what it has to. Worth for the 5 star.

If the text boxes width could be costumizable helps more in design, but great anyway.

Thank you!

Owner's reply

Thanks ur comment and suggestion

surely will we add with next release