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byjohanndj, October 29, 2013
2J SliderTabs
These extensions developed by 2Joomla not only adds a new dimension to our clients websites but provides a lot of different functions to choose from.

It works out of the box and now forms part of most of our new websites components.

Great extension, good value
byjohanndj, July 21, 2013
Simple Mobile Detection
Absolutely fantastic. Individual options to customize not only phone / ipads, but even to assign templates. Thanks!
byjohanndj, July 7, 2013
SP Upgrade
If I must try to explain what I have tried over months, from extensions to trying to convert / import from excel and hours of frustration, I will take way to much space and bore you. The short and sweet, I did not think this extension would do it, well I just transferred close to 8 000 articles within 5 minutes. Yes the server bombed out a couple of times - but I restarted the process, made sure I skipped the items already transferred and here I am speechless at just how well this extension worked.
byjohanndj, October 21, 2012
Handy little tool that works great. I tried it on my Joomla mobile site and it looks good and functions well.
byjohanndj, March 12, 2012
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Facebook Social Comments
Looks nice, but not working. Do not count on support, you will be wasting your money. Could not even register on their forum or got a reply back from the contact email address.
Owner's reply

Plugin works fine. If you having a problem with registration then make sure to read the error messages shown, probably user name you trying is already taken etc.
We reply to every single post in our forum:

byjohanndj, April 30, 2011
SP Weather
I downloaded, installed, added my hometown and that was it. Not even 5 minutes. Great module - thanks!
byjohanndj, March 5, 2011
Well done - I was pleasantly surprised with the installation and ease of use.
byjohanndj, January 26, 2011
Compared to similar commercial types - this extension is the best. Works out of the box, with functional settings easy to apply. Well done!
byjohanndj, December 23, 2008
Pro Super Slider
Normally when you don't see any ratings you wonder if to download. Then when you have to pay you again wonder if this would work as intended. We'll let me say, I was pleasantly surprised and so chuffed with the extensions I purchased the Nova MEGA Pack.
What a blast! Easy to install, setup and configure.

Well done my friend and keep them rolling!
byjohanndj, December 16, 2008
This does not work in Joomla 1.5.8. I had this uninstalled and installed on version 1.0. I really hope that the developer can get this sorted out as it really looks like a nice component. I will also report some other bugs in their forum.
Owner's reply

Version Stable 2.2 works 100% in legacy mode with 1.5.8 don't hesitate to ask if any trouble

byjohanndj, November 24, 2008
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JCK Editor
I found this extension very handy especially working with images and I am simply hooked on it. You download, install and work.
Owner's reply

Dear Johnanndj, Thanks for your kind words.