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byjohn1924, October 3, 2012
Cache Cleaner
Excellent. i used the free version on my site (first at 1.5 and now at 2.5) and it was great.
But the Pro version have the unique feature (among others) for scheduling a cleanup. A must have extension.
I'm also using 2 extension of yours (articles anywhere, module anywhere). You made my life easire. Great job.
byjohn1924, August 20, 2012
Excellent template, excellent support, easy to install and customize.

Thank you very much, keep up the good work.
byjohn1924, August 16, 2012
Lazy Load for Joomla!
First of all i want to thank you for your work and your free release of the plugin. I tried the plugin and my site saves 1-2 seconds in loading time (from 6 - 7 seconds without the plugin, to 4.9 seconds with the plugin). I was very happy, i had no conficts or errors, but i had to unistalled it because i had two (serious for me) problems. The first was with the rss feed, no images was displayed in rss. The second was with my mobile template (i use different template for mobile devices), again no images in mobile view. If you can solve this issues, i think the plugn will be perfect.
Owner's reply

Sorry, sounds like a fake review for me!

The loading of the images is not device dependent. If your browser supports JavaScript, then you should have no problems. I can use it without a problem on my smartphone. If you really have a problem, then exclude the mobile user agent with the bot list option. If it does not work on your mobile template, then it is not the fault of the plugin but your template.

Which component do you use for the feeds? Why don't you exclude it in the settings of LLFJ?

I'm getting tired to say it to users like you:

Why don't you contact the developer first via mail or support forum instead of writing such reviews? Do you want to motivate the developer with your average (bad) review to update the extension? Why do you destroy good ratings which were the result of many hours of unpaid work? If it is "serious" important for you, then contact the developer and ask him politely if he can help you.