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byjohnallan, April 7, 2009
Tabs & Sliders
I really wanted this new version for Joomla 1.5 to work (I purchased this awhile back and never used it). I was using another accordion module that integrated into my css style with no work on my part. The problem was, I just ran into a deal-killer with it. (my mambots within the articles were not being processed).
So, I downloaded the new 1.5 version of JoomlaWorks Tabs & slides module.
Ouch! - The sliding action is incredibly jerky. I modified the slide speed, and it did not make the motion any smoother. It is really painful on the eyes to deal with the jerky opening and closing.
But in fairness, it processed my mambot perfectly.

As I said, I really wanted this to work. The flexibility with modules is enticing to be sure.

But the jerky open/close is just unbearable and I couldn't subject my customers to that. Maybe the code needs a rewrite.
Such a promising idea.