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byjohngoodwin, October 10, 2013
Easy Joomla Backup
Easy, fast install. Download without registration (always a plus for me!).
Simple straightforward process to back up.
The backed up, zipped file is listed under the component area in the admin area of your site, with a link to download it.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!

byjohngoodwin, November 10, 2012
Core Design Scriptegrator
Its more work than necessary when you have to install supplemental Javascript libraries. It means two downloads, two installations, two plugins then it works. And it does work nicely, from first look.
The the captcha has a back link, which can be removed, I guess, since its a GPL license, but why do I have dig?
It would be nice to be able to change the instructions/intro text, esp. since the English is not very good in the default text. (Sorry!)
It does work with a lot of different extensions, as listed in the plugin parameters. There are a lot of captcha options available now though, so I'm going to keep looking....
byjohngoodwin, June 18, 2012
This plug in is easy, comes with clear instructions, and can be applied to any one or multiple classes of text in your site.
The downside for me is that it applies globally. i.e. Select a font for paragraph text, and the entire site changes. This is probably what a lot of people want, but for me, I'd like to see an editor button in the article editor to apply as and when. It does what it says....
byjohngoodwin, October 25, 2011
Udja Comments
Its true that there are not many comment extensions yet for J 1.7. This one installs easily, and set up is quite intuitive. Its pretty basic. There is no native captcha, but re-captcha works fine.
Its not clear, if you select the option to sign up to a newsletter, how that request is handled. I guess you manually go and get the info and copy it over to your email system.
Clearly this extensions is in development, but the big problem for me is that you cannot remove the url field. It can be made required, or not, but can't be hidden. That means I'm going to be deleting links to pharmacies and who knows what. So not useable for me on that one point.
One to watch, probably.
byjohngoodwin, October 8, 2010
Freestyle Testimonials
Tried it today - the light version, which is what this page is about. Given that the basic functionality as described works, there are a few problems worth a mention:
In the lightbox to enter testimonials the text falls off the right side.
There is no capture.
When it refers to a "Button" - its really a text link, not a button. The appearance is very basic.
There's no uninstall. It sets itself up as a native Joomla! module, greyed out in the uninstall components list. I had to delete it from the module manager, and delete the files using ftp from 'modules' and /administrator/modules.
I know its free, but when you think about some of the offerings for free....
byjohngoodwin, January 27, 2010
The thing that makes it great is how easy it is to set up a form with different kinds of fields. Drop down lists, radio buttons, etc. Easy. It is limited in layout, but the idea is for it to be quick and easy, so its a fair trade off imo.
The only downside - and I couldn't find where else to post this - Hover doesn't work on a phone. With the increase of the mobile web, I would like to have captcha without having to hover over the captcha code before entering the numbers. Its the only thing stopping me using it on one website now.
Other than that, its my first choice for forms.