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byjohnmasterlee, December 21, 2010
Read Less - Text
I tried various extensions to help me layout the content on my homepage in a more compact and clean way. This was the only that really worked. It's helped me to:

1. Have a homepage image that is resized smaller so loads faster.
2. Have a homepage image that auto links to the article itself.
3. Allow the image to have borders/margins/padding, etc.
4. Define how much text to show on the homepage before a READ MORE button is shown.
5. Ability to style the READ MORE text (or what ever text/image you want to show.)

The developer is also relatively responsive. You can submit bugs and such and he'll get to them eventually. There is an existing bug regarding how text is cut off in articles, and he's created a fix for it after the issue was raised.

Owner's reply

Thank you!
The bug you mentioned has been resolved in 2.5b

byjohnmasterlee, December 9, 2010
EasyCalcCheck PLUS
This is really a well thought out spam protection extension. It uses multiple ways to help combat spam, which was a serious problem I had before with another website.

In addition, Viktor was most helpful in addressing specific issues I was running into. The template I'm using from RocketTheme was conflicting with his extension (RocketTheme templates use their own overrides, which creates formatting issues with this extension) and he helped tackle the issue for me, convincing me to switch from another spam protection tool.

I think if he wanted to added to add on a few more spam protection options, even if people don't use all of them, he could pretty much have the definitive spam protection tool here.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

As you suggested, I have implemented reCaptcha and Akisment. :-)

Have fun, NO spam!