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Best Sitemap for Multilingual SEO and astonishing support I have purchased the component after I have noticed its community choice even I havent completely understood all the options it offers.
When I installed, the control panel of the component was very user friendly, still I was not sure of all options as I consider myself a beginner to intermediate user.

After couple emails with John (Support), he probably realised that and with my approval entered into my admin and has set it up for me entirely with all screenshots and settings changed provided.
I was speechless! when I realised what the component provides and how fast and awesome the support makes me gonna buy something again from their components... FANTASTIC WORK!
byjohnniek2, November 14, 2013
Art Sexy Lightbox Lite
I was looking for a free solution for a image gallery and when I found it after I saw it does exactly what I needed for my new website. The module didnt show correctly due to my templates CSS initially, but within minutes of submitting my question on the developers forum I had the solution that worked out of the box. They were quick to respond and provided a method to achieve what I needed withou me having to contact the template developers forum. This is what I call 5 star customer service !!!
byjohnniek2, March 25, 2013
Taxi Booking
I purchased this Taxi Booking component a while ago (around last Summer) and didnt have time to set it up since then. But now when I started I had only few issues setting it up with my template or different joomla frameworks.

The support i received was great, they helped me find the code responsible for styling the component to match my templates. Over the last years I bought many subscriptions for components, modules and plugins for Joomla and I have to say this company provides one of the best values you get for your money. I really have to say the software is cheap for what it offers and what it is capable to achieve!
Thank you Marian and keep good work you do!
Owner's reply

Thank you for the kind words and the nice review Johnnie. We are really glad we could help and we aim for a first class support on all of our components. And you - our clients are the most important thing to our business.

byjohnniek2, November 12, 2012
StyleWare K2 Google Maps
It is a must have component for K2 that lists Vacation rentals, real estate properties and other similar markets. Support is outstanding even on weekend for me! I had some conflicts with another plugin they went into the code fixed some scripts and everything works perfect!
How the map in the category field is connected with K2 items, thats unbelievable!
byjohnniek2, November 12, 2012
Multiple Images for K2
this is a great plugin for K2 items. it helps you extend K2 items with 2 galleries (Andreys plugin and simple image default if you use) and makes it look like a real vacation listing website! Outstanding support! Andrey helped me make it work with Ktabber pro template and even adjusted additional things for me :-)
this is the kind of developer you wish to buy some components from him, even if you dont need them... Just because the amazing support!!!
byjohnniek2, November 12, 2012
Filter and Search for K2
This is a must have K2 Search Module especially if your using K2 for vacation rentals and using extra fields for search filter! Andrey provided me incredible fast and outstanding support! I do highly recommend this module if you need to filter on K2 extrafields. Andrey went out of ordinary support and made many custom changes so I could get 3 different K2 plugins work together. Not to mention help on other K2 stuff that had nothing to do with his plugins and modules!
byjohnniek2, December 12, 2010
Tabber Pro for K2
Superior and great extension! It is so easy to split content into tabs!
the support is excellent, customer gets updates by email, it is more than worth the money it costs. It adds a new dimension to K2 layout!
byjohnniek2, June 17, 2010
RSform Pro
I had a problem when creating a contact form. Contacted the customer support, the told me the form is pretty straight forward.... I coudnt realize it so simple because I dint expect something so easy to handle after all other forms I have tried... Support response time was excellent and problem resolved. they helped with sef url issues and at last they even solved the language problem for me... I am a subscriber to 4 other components that have the prefix RS and they never disappointed... keep up the good work !!!
byjohnniek2, December 3, 2009
Art Data
This is a must have tool, for everyone who wants to extend their websites. It provides a lot of flexibility, presentation possibilities, etc. etc.

I must say the best and fastest Customer support I have recieved from any commercial joomla extension provider I have payed subscription for. For that money what you pay for it and what you get for it... I wouldnt call it commercial, thats more then a free component.
If this guys would create a booking system or a property managment or listing component (to good to became true) I would buy it right away no matter what price they ask for !!!