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byjohnrabb, December 2, 2008
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I use this as often as possible. I like it so much I created a Video Tutorial on installing and using it,
byjohnrabb, June 15, 2007
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Akeeba Backup
I've written praise for several extensions here at Joomla!. not that more were not worthy of praise, but this extension is really incredible.

I use many different hosts for my Joomla! Websites, most are multiple accounts, so designing a new Website for a client in a new folder on their domain works. When the new Website is ready to launch, the domain usually just gets pointed to the new folder and life is good.

Recently this was not an option for me. I have traditionally used the commercial version of the Joomla! Cloner. It works for me(sometimes).

I installed the JPack on this new Website, performed the backup beautifully (and without timing out).

THEN I unzipped the backup file into it's new home, deleted the new temporary installation folder JPack created, opened my Web Browser and I was done.

Bravo, and Thank you for a Wonderful Product.
byjohnrabb, June 29, 2006
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I'm not dishing this mmwnu; I WANT to use this mod. Since it's release I have made several attempts on various versions of Joomla, on various Domains and various servers. I've even previously reviewed this mod in conjunction with Joomfish (see site crash in earlier review)

I have developed dozens of Mambo/Joomla Websites and am comfortable creating templates and css files from scratch and modifying snippets of code. I've never gotten this mod to work on any site, and today using Joomla 1.09 is no exception.

Everyone seems to rave about this menu, and I still want to use it, but at this point how much time should one spend when the LX Menu product works so well?

How did this possibly make the Editors Pick?
byjohnrabb, March 28, 2006
I've been reading all the rave reviews and have been anxious to test this component. I downloaded it today and installed it to a site with Joomfish. When I published the Ext menu module, my website main menu would not load, an error reported an issue in the joomfish code. I un-installed the joomfish, un and re-installed the ExtMenu. The error message was different and NOTHING would load. I re-installed joomfish (even though I am not using it)and unpublished the ExtMenu. My site is back up. I'm still very anxious to test ExtMenu. I just wanted everyone to know of the potential Joomfish conflict.