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byjohnsheppard, May 10, 2010

This is a really nice, well written extension. Looks really aesthetically pleasing as well.

It's very thoughtful and steps you through install as well.

One can dream about this being integrated with the core one day :) *drool*
byjohnsheppard, March 5, 2010
AJAX toggler
This extension is mad!

These guys write good extensions, you can tell because, they've done everything write.

Thanks for an excellent extension, this will go in all my sites :)
This looks like a good little cart, but there are a few problems with it;

Thumbnail transparency issues is a pain;

Sure you can have white backgrounds, but it's ugly...

The other problem is a security one which I read about in the forum while trying to solve the above issue.

Other than that it is a nice simple cart which may suit some people.

Thank you rockettheme for producing this.