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byjomama, February 2, 2010
Phoca Favicon
I've been trying to months to find change the favicon for IE. Managed to do it manually for the other browsers but like everything else browser-related, IE was difficult.

Then I came across this wonderful extension. Downloaded, installed, uploaded the image to the new folder, created the favicon, and voila~~~. Complete.

Thanks for this easy but effective tool!!
byjomama, November 21, 2008
Regarding Rostislav Palivoda's post about enabling this plugin within a module...the code is perfect as I tried it and I got the plugin to work within a module. However, the code should be placed in index.php and NOT index.html, as he mistakenly stated. :)
Thanks for the tip, Rostislav. This plugin works great!!
byjomama, October 23, 2008
after searching around for an extension that would allow me to play videos on my site without much effort and after unsuccessfully trying out some of the other ones, RokBox is the one I chose. works great and configuration is a breeze. plus good support on the forums, which is always a plus!
byjomama, October 15, 2008
I needed a way to prevent users from a specific country from seeing a module on the main page of my client's site due to that country's low bandwidth. After searching the forums I was directed to MetaMod and it's been the perfect solution.

Installation was quick and easy and the configuration was a breeze. I initially misread the configuration directions so when the module didn't work as advertised, I emailed the developer, Stephen. He was prompt to respond and quickly helped me realize that I had configured the module incorrectly. After that, voila!

Now my module shows and works for everybody except for the users in that country. This is great and it makes me look like a genius for my client!

Thanks again Stephen!!