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byjonathan4465, May 10, 2012
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Workflow for Simple Content Versioning
This could be an excellent component, but at this time it feels 80% complete. Pretty much everything you need is in place, but some of the features just don't work, or work poorly. for example, primary email notifications work, but any additional do not. Also, the preview which will allow an approver to see what has changed between versions sometimes includes html source code, which confuses end users that are unaware what that type of code means.

All of this would be fine if there were existing solutions to these problems or software updates to those of us who PAID for this extension, but sadly this is not the case. Questions on the forum go unanswered or just ignored, and the "Premium" support via email you are supposed to get for purchasing the component also goes ignored.

Having said that, I don't think getting what you are promised is asking too much in this case. I'm not asking for the developer to magically whisk himself through my monitor and fix whatever issue I have, I'm just asking for a REPLY when I or anyone else who bought the component asks a question.
byjonathan4465, August 25, 2010
JEXTN Testimonial
I'll admit, I rarely buy any Joomla components, since we code our own most of the time. However, I must say for $13 U.S. this is a very nice component! Well done, and keep up the good work!