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byjonking, March 15, 2011
I felt I should respond to the previous few reviews. They're clearly written by people who haven't given this component/plugin/module system more than a passing demo and they really shouldn't get the airtime they've already had.

Fabrik is NOT a forms component. Its an incredibly powerful and highly customizable database design system. yes, you can create tables. Yes, you can design forms, but the power comes through the ability to link tables, filter them, link them to google maps, charts and other visualisations. For those who want their site to collate a range of data in forms/subforms and to relate the data to other tables, Fabrik is really the only extension I've come across that comes close. At its basic level, its a form creator, but at its most powerful level, it gives access to clever and powerful manipulation and presentation of data. Its so great that the extension is free, I have no idea why Rob and his team do this. Have a play at the demo, read some of the documentation and give it a whirl. Theres no other 'forms' extension that comes close. Thanks Rob. Outstanding!