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byjonnykane, October 14, 2007
Page Peel Banner
I've had lots of people visiting the site already comment on how cool this is, and "how did you do that!".

I had trouble to start trying to find documentation and get it to use the Joomla Banners module/component, partly because I hadn't used and didn't understand the 'bannerclient' system... but after some playing around figured it out and posted explanation in their forum here:,com_fireboard/Itemid,80/func,view/id,6515/catid,19/

Currently using it to just display an in-site Ad for an upcoming feature/product... it's nice and subtle, gets people attention without being annoying.

I'll be using it eventually to feature random banners/links to in-site information pages for our tourist destinations, accomodation, activities partners etc.

What I'm saying is it's one of those features you can be creative with and use in more ways than one.

Excellent :)
byjonnykane, September 24, 2007
Google Maps by Reumer
Great Plugin:
This is a great tool... especially for features like adding a Kml file as an overlay, exactly what I needed.

Great Support:
I installed 2.9 but found I could not get the map with loaded kml file to zoom in on lat/lon I had set... it kept loading zoomed out to 'show all' markers on the map. I emailed Mike and he responded straight away, checked my page and admitting it was a bug in the plugin sent me an updated version which completely fixed it :)

Very impressed... will definately send a donation for that support.