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byjonpaulb, August 10, 2011
The importance and greatness of this product is well documented. What I didn't realize was that their customer support was fantastic. They have knowledgeable and friendly moderators in their forums that get right on your submission quickly and assist until its marked resolved. With so many help desks in other time zone and days may pass before a solution is resolved, these guys fixed my problem before the day was over!
byjonpaulb, July 30, 2011
XIPT for JomSocial
Not sure which is best. The extension (JSPT and it payment integration JPayPlans) or the customer support. As a new user, I have made some errors, wasn't sure on a setup problems and had some code errors. The staff at Joomlaxi has always helped me out quickly and politely and saved me every-time. They fix a prob and immediately put out a new release so others may benefit as well. Nothing but praise for these guys!
byjonpaulb, August 12, 2010
DT Register
We use DT Register on a daily basis and push it to the limits. Anytime I get stuck, have a question or request, the developers answer with clear, concise directions or even just fix it for me and usually within 24-48 hours! Rarely do you find this kind of support for any kind of product. There is no reason to not use this extension!