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byjontayl, February 2, 2013
Schedule School
I have a small school and I wanted to list the classes that I offer. There is not a better component for this than Schedule School. There are a few issues, mostly involving integration with the template, but, overall, this functions very well and I look forward to other extensions made by this author!
byjontayl, December 2, 2012
Art Universal Lightbox
I use this extension whenever I have an image to display. Being able to click and enlarge the image adds a new dimension to any site. I use the colorbox and it works great! I also like how you can size the thumbnails and real image separately.

Great extension! I feel sorry for anybody who's displaying their images any other way!
byjontayl, November 26, 2012
BT Login
Phenomenal extension- when the core login module fails, this one picks up the slack. I used this with the HOT menu plugin and it works pretty well. However, i do not think that it is possible for this module to take on the appearance of the core login module. The login/out effects (I shouldn't call them effects, but I will for lack of a better word) can subtract from a website if you want the website to be simplistic. However, this module works very well, and that is the bottom line.
byjontayl, November 17, 2012
Phoca Favicon
I have been coding and working with websites for years. Never once have I ever come close to the masterful design of this component. All you have to do is install it, open the component, upload a picture, and clear the cache! Now that I use this, I look back and laugh at myself when I was spending hours creating a .ico document, hunting down to find the directory... All that's over, and it is thanks to this brilliant extension!
byjontayl, May 11, 2011
Modules Anywhere
Not bad at all! When I first downloaded it, I thought I would have to remember the brackets and coding... Rubbish! I was most impressed by how you put a button at the bottom of the editor, unlike many plugins.
byjontayl, April 16, 2011
Qlue Custom 404
It is extremley simple. You just install the component, and there is only one button. Press it, and BAM! you've got a fully functional 404 error page.
byjontayl, March 24, 2011
Simple Redirect
You need to mess around with the HTML codes a bit on the editor. Here are some tips I found useful:

Don't let the tags touch the }.

Break the link. Make sure that the URL you enter is NOT a hyperlink. if it is, break it.

Now it should work just fine, or it did for me. For a non-commercial version, my satisfaction with this is through the roof!
Owner's reply

Thank you for review.

I'll see if it's possible to fix your tweaks.

byjontayl, March 23, 2011
By far the best FTP system there is for Joomla! It is good-looking, operates without a kink, and, best of all, its free!