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byjonusc, September 9, 2009
The module is fantastic, it's tiny and easily styled to suit any layout. Especially great since the & nbsp ; bug was fixed in the last release, it's perfect.

Well, nearly! For people who are paranoid about any PHP Notices when developing their site, Line 192 will produce an error because the var isn't always defined. So open up the PHP file and on @192 where it has...

switch ($exorder[$i]) {

...insert on a new line JUST before it, this little doobie...

if (!isset($exorder[$i])) break;

...which will break the for loop as it doesn't need to run anyway in this case. No more Undefined index error - now they are ALL gone and it's 100% perfect! Thanks, developer!
Owner's reply

I just wanted to point out that I added this fix to the latest version. Thanks!