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byjoomalicious, October 11, 2012
Akeeba Subscriptions
I'm starting to think that Nicholas over at Akeeba has about seven clones of himself. This is pretty amazing since I thought scientists only were successful cloning sheep so far. I say this because, not only are the extensions expertly designed, but the documentation is so professional and detailed, there must be a room full of librarians that write it.
Akeeba has the best extensions and this subscription component is no exception. In addition to the documentation, Nicholas also answers you on the forum within minutes usually and his answers are 5-10 paragraphs long in detail. He actually tries to think things through with you and suggest a better way to accomplish what you are doing.
The subscription component is powerful and works great. It also comes with a million plugins all well documented.
Professional products and support - too amazing for one guy. These types of extensions are what make Joomla so powerful and special. Thanks!
byjoomalicious, October 11, 2012
Akeeba Backup
This couldn't be any better and is actually one of the strongest reasons to use Joomla as your CMS. It is as professional as it gets - from interface to the way it functions. I have backed up and restored hundreds of sites with this extension with no issues. You just don't have problems with Akeeba extensions - they work and they are so well documented it is unbelievable. The PRO edition is definitely worth it with the automatic backup transfer to cloud storage providers. Thanks!
byjoomalicious, August 10, 2012
Top of the Page
Configuration is nicely designed - allows you to use inline styles from admin config or instead read from your own style sheet. The only addition by the developer I can see being useful to some people would be the ability to change the link text in the admin config instead of having to edit the plugin's files directly. Thanks.
Owner's reply

Like other multi-lingual extensions, it's a snap to use the language manager to override any language string used in this plugin.

Thanks for the great review!

byjoomalicious, December 6, 2011
Article Lister
Very simple to use and does exactly what it says. Lists articles from specific sections or categories and has a few configurable options (sorting, etc.) that work. Very useful.
byjoomalicious, July 9, 2010
All Weblinks
This is such a great extension as it allows you to insert different categories of web links into articles which makes for a really nice presentation. Works as advertised and easy customization with CSS. Great job and thank you.
byjoomalicious, December 18, 2009
OSE Membership™
I was looking for something to help limit my Phoca Downloads by group and this extension plus their PhocaDownload plugin works great. However, it can do much more and limit all your content by group. I had an issue with the additional plugin installation and support responded in about 15 minutes and then several times back and forth until the issue was resolved. They even accessed the site to diagnose. Highly recommend.
byjoomalicious, December 18, 2009
This is a professional extension. At first it took me a while to get the hang of it because it is so capable but after getting it down, you can make amazing forms very easily. I had a problem with not knowing how to properly post to an external URL and support responded within an hour and after that several times. If you want flexible forms integrated into Joomla then this is the extension.
byjoomalicious, December 2, 2009
Content Templater
Saves you time and makes it easy to enter lots of repetitive content. Beautifully integrates with your editor and works great.
byjoomalicious, December 2, 2009
Awesome site map generator. Great presentation on the front end and easy administration from the back end. Thanks guys.