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joomla expert

byjoomla expert, October 2, 2014
Smart Countdown
This extension is wonderful. Easy to install, easy to configure.

I had an issue with it, an obscure conflict with my template I believe and the developer jumped on it and released a fix immediately.

Thanks a million!
byjoomla expert, September 24, 2014
Good CSS is included to control various formatting, rock solid, easy installation, running in minutes.

Had tried another countdown timer which was flawed. Finding this one was a relief and time-saver.
byjoomla expert, September 10, 2014
I purchased this extension to provide blogging capabilities for one of my clients. It installed flawlessly and looked promising.

I only grant it 2 stars because:
1. The documentation is poor. Yes, it exists but it's fragmented and lacks cohesion.

2. When came time to customize the layout/display for my client, I found many options missing. Turning elements on/off on various pages was not possible. This was extremely disappointing and frustrating. If you don't intend on adjusting the layout elements as I have, this may not be an issue for you.

Having said this, StackIdeas support was extremely responsive and made efforts to help. Many "patches" were supplied to provide the basic functionality/look we needed. I opted not to use many of the patches provided since the extension then becomes a nightmare to maintain.

My verdict: Poor documentation, lacks control of blog/category display for a paid extension but kudos on the support.
Owner's reply

Hi, thank you for your input.

1. We're trying our very best to provide the best to our customers in every aspect. Nevertheless, we acknowledge the flaw in our docs and will ensure that the docs will be updated from time to time. Meanwhile, our support staff strives to provide the best support to our customers. Somehow, we feel that a human assistance is better than reading long docs. :)

2. EasyBlog itself have tons of features and settings that users can explore. We won't be able to put each and every features needed by all or it would be the worst component, infested with bugs. Nevertheless, we respect our customer's request. Your idea, suggestion and complaints will go directly to our developer's inbox and they'll check it out periodically so that they can built components which are have the best balance of usability, security and design.

We thank you for your kind words on our support. The team is very motivated by your kind words and they'll ensure that each and every support requests gets the best response.

Do let us know if you have any other ideas/feedback. Thank you!

Ahmad Justin
Marketing Team

byjoomla expert, January 12, 2014
Content Uploader Pro
This extension is very powerful and as others have mentioned here, a huge time-saver.

It's wonderful if you need to make mass changes to articles or to mass import articles.

I would have given it 5 stars but as another poster mentioned, I wasted time trying to use the forum which was not functioning. Also, the extension was misbehaving when I purchased it and the data exported was not identical to the data from the article content.

Having said that, once I reached Peter, the developer, he was extremely helpful in resolving the issue and providing me with a revised extension which worked flawlessly.

End result... a great tool!

byjoomla expert, January 6, 2014
Simple File Lister
A big 5-star to the developer for this wonderful extension.

A good balance between feature-rich and ease of use. Very convenient when used in conjunction with loadposition to list files in an article.

Good use of CSS to allow for customization.

What else can I say... this is fantastic!
byjoomla expert, December 16, 2013
First of all, I must say that the support I received from the developer in trying to make this extension work for a client has been excellent.

RSsearch is easy to configure and use and the search results are presented in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

This extension would have earned five stars but has one flaw which prevented us from using it.

Due to the method used in performing the search, articles which contain a superset of the search string will be returned. For example, if you look for the word "king", articles with the words "working", "biking", "undertaking", etc are all returned.

There is no way to make the search more finite. In our case, and in the case of many users I'm certain, this would not be acceptable.

Keep up the good work RSJoomla. With this fine-tuning, this extension would be the best.
byjoomla expert, June 19, 2013
Simple MP3 Player
I was looking for a player to play a set of songs (playlist). Tried this one and, like others, within minutes I had it up and running.

Like someone else stated, options for larger text and controls would be nice but, hey, I'm not complaining :)

Kudos and thanks to the developer for offering this extension for free.
byjoomla expert, June 13, 2013
Creative Contact Form
If you're looking for a way to get a form available on your site quickly... look no further.

I had previously tried other form extensions but they either lacked functionality or were too bloated and confusing to use with a steep learning curve.

This provided the functionality I required and support was superb!

Two thumbs up!
byjoomla expert, October 27, 2012
Latest News Enhanced
I was totally impressed with the functionality of this extension. The developer assisted immediately with minor issues related to my host.

This extension is slick, easy to tailor and highly customizable. Tried others, sticking to this one!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review, I really appreciate it.

byjoomla expert, July 5, 2012
Ebay seller
I would have rated this excellent as it was very easy/quick to install and implement.

However, on both sites that I installed this module on, no "bid now" or any bidding buttons would appear. The documentation was lacking making it difficult to troubleshoot. Missing this call-to-action was imperative for the client, therefore somewhat disappointed.

Excellent rating if the bid now would only work :(
Owner's reply

The "bid now" parameter was commented recently on eBayseller, due to a new non stable feedback API from eBay.
This is one of our next priorities, thank you

byjoomla expert, February 8, 2012
Although I found a minor bug which is to be fixed in a future release, I give this extension a 5-star rating for its ease of installation, quality programming, functionality and support.

Looking forward to the next release for the minor bug fix (related to unsubscribing from topics/forums)

Keep it up!
byjoomla expert, February 3, 2012
MaQma Social menu
Encountered a few problems:

1. could not use the "hidden" menu style at all. this would generate grey boxes with no icons

2. Appeared incompatible with IE7. Only one social media icon would appear at the bottom of the screen. (and it appeared cut-off)

Because of this, client refused to use this extension as there desktops are all on IE7.

Could not seem to find any support for the extension on their site short of a simple manual.

Looking for other extension.
Owner's reply

Hi, couldn't reproduce it in IE7, if you get in touch with us we can check directly in your website :)

byjoomla expert, May 30, 2011
I've used several versions of this extension on several web sites. It's FANTASTIC!

keep in mind that because it's such a powerful/customizable extension, leaving the J! core Contact extension in its dust, it's not for the faint of heart.

The built-in tips/documentation is very helpful, the captcha is also very clear.

Kudos to ai for this wonderful extension!
byjoomla expert, May 23, 2011
Event Booking
This extension was very well thought out. As stated by others it is very flexible and allowed us to do exactly what we wanted. Integration with Paypal was simple. Even small features such as "test mode" for Paypal existed allowing you to simulate a paid event registration.

The language translation feature is VERY detailed, allowing you to easily change various wording even if staying with English... without having to edit a text file, all within the backend.

The icing on the cake is the support. I did have a few issues which were quickly addressed and resolved.

Keep up the good work!
byjoomla expert, November 16, 2010
I've spent hours and hours fiddling with this extension and finding bugs right left and center.

As another user, who posted here, it's been the worst extension I've ever used - and I've used MANY.

I've worked with the developer extensively and support is very slow and poor. A very popular answer is "Our developers are now aware of this bug and it will be fixed in a future release". Meanwhile, you're left with a buggy extension until who knows when and when they release a new version, you lose a lot of your customization. You will waste yet more time re-configuring your modules/components.

As stated before by others, this extension was released prematurely and without proper testing.

Perhaps this extension works if you use very little of its functionality. All I can say is that i've tried to use some of its "features" and it's been nothing but headaches and wasted time.

I hope this review will helps someone else.