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byjoomlaexcellence, August 13, 2013
Simple, easy, necessary!
Every website I install gets this extension!

Almost did not install on my J!3 sites since the update was so old. The newest (as of this review) is 3.1.2
byjoomlaexcellence, November 20, 2012
Slides in - Yes
At bottom of page - No (more like after the first fold
Add own text - Yes (Title, subtitle & description) but no HTML
No easy adjustment of:
- background color
- Slide parameters
byjoomlaexcellence, July 12, 2009
I love the look, functionality (especially the hover over pop-up window!) and numerous adjustments of this calendar system... but... now that I see a Google maps included in another Joomla calendar extension and he MAJOR benefits from its' inclusion, I'm hoping JEvents adds one too so I don't have to switch.
Owner's reply

Google maps and geocoding is built into an addon that is available for JEvents. You can see this in action in the JEvents demo (see for an example)