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byjoomlafanatic1, April 14, 2010
OSE Membership™
I am using this component to provide commercial ACL for an educational site I am developing. It provides time limited access to articles, sections and categories. On my site, users can pay to receive access through Paypal, or be created manually as needed. The component does this job perfectly.

It integrates with Virtuemart for payment. I do not need to create products in Virtuemart; I create the memberships entirely within OSE MSC, with Paypal (as per my example) processing the payments.

The ACL involves a three step process. Firstly, creating a membership (naming, pricing and setting the duration of the membership). Then, configuring it to point at the relevant articles or section. Finally, I need to assign at least one user to the membership. This process is something clients should be able to manage.

The component is very broad in its scope and ambition. It integrates with numerous third party Joomla components. It is commercial, and it is also GPL.

This component deserves support. Highly recommended.