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byjoomlamedicine, November 21, 2011
Reports for VirtueMart
I use the reports to calculate sales of units to different suppliers. It saves me a lot of time and is accurate. I recently started using interamind's virtue mart advanced analytics and reports, the dashboard component and interamind reports. All have worked well and help to identify where my customers are coming from and help to track purchases and expenses. Especially important to me is that I can track which state or country the purchase is from.
byjoomlamedicine, September 15, 2011
VirtueMart Dashboard
A long-time e-commerce Joomla user, I waited too long before getting this extension. The dashboard gave me clues as to how I can improve income trends for products. I needed a simple modification of a file to get it to work and the support was right there to help me with that. I only needed support because my products are listed as PENDING when they are actually CONFIRMED. This product also saves me time when calculating payments to product providers. I am glad I did it, well worth it!
byjoomlamedicine, January 22, 2011
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Akeeba Backup
Thank you so much for this fast, stable, efficient, and user-friendly backup and RESTORE component. Joomlapack was great and I am happy to say that this is even faster and better. So easy to restore! Also, by downloading kickstart from your site and putting it on my server it is much faster to FTP the backup file in a compressed format.
I would say this is one of the most important components for Joomla and I have depended heavily on several on a busy ecommerce site. Essential. Hats off to you for the clean and professional interface.
byjoomlamedicine, June 30, 2008
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Presto, install and it works! Nice HTML layout for an automatically generated sitemap. Great for user navigation and SEO.
byjoomlamedicine, December 29, 2007
Layers and tables made easy. Not buggy and nice plugins. I tried many editors and this one is my favorite so far.
byjoomlamedicine, December 15, 2007
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Joomlearn LMS Silver Edition
Joomlearn works well with Virtuemart, a serious plus!!! This component allows users to register or purchase learning material, download it (or view streaming media), take a quiz, have the quiz automatically graded, and receive a certificate of completion automatically. The component nicely notifies specified email addresses as to those who have passed the quizzes. I've had success using this with an SSL ecommerce site using version 1.9 and plan to switch to version 3.0 soon (which I am using on my developer site).

Good support from the developer. They answer questions very quickly and have committed to working out a minor issue of needing to refresh the page to have the "buy now" button change to "take course" after a purchase. Other than that, it works seamlessly for ecommerce applications. For non-ecommerce applications, the component does not have this issue and seems to work perfectly.

It is very simple to control from the backend. Loading course materials, quizzes and questions, and other control parameters is a snap. One great value to this LMS is its integration with Virtuemart. I am running Paypal Pro with no problems.

I am happy to see that this LMS is back!!! Joomla is a great CMS and this is one of the only LMS's designed for Joomla. Some very minor knowledge of HTML helps to customize the user interface for the front end. Essentially, there are a few template files that can be easily modified to give the LMS the desired look and feel. On the wish-list, perhaps a more streamlined user interface that has less pages to click through to access course materials, certificates, and such. The other wish-list item would be a log of the questions that were answer right and wrong on each quiz taken per each user. I recommend this LMS look forward to seeing it develop with Joomla.