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byjoostakkermans, November 6, 2013
Geocode Factory Map Search for Community Builder
This simply just does what it says, and in a very nice way. Connect the user list search results of Community Builder to the map on the page out of the box. No tweaking or difficult settings. Just set up a user list search and add a map to a module position on the page. Easy! Great result!

Great support!
byjoostakkermans, November 6, 2013
The Geocode Factory
Had to upgrade and extend an existing google maps module due to GM v3 API. This component blew my mind. It works out of the box and integrates easily with all existing components like CB and Sobi.

Regarding the support I can say it's excellent! Had an issue with a faulty zip file and a small bug, all sorted within half an hour.

Very good experience!
byjoostakkermans, December 14, 2008
I’ve been using Jomres for over a year now and I finally found some time to write a review. This recent lack of time is mainly due to the business Jomres has provided me. I’ll try to explain why I like this extension so much.

First it is incredibly flexible. In the concept I’m renting out, Camping Rafts, a regular setup of a booking system for hotels or cottages didn’t work. Jomres is highly customizable and the beautiful part is that when you use it customized, this won’t be lost when upgrading to the newest version. So you can have Jomres cut exactly to your needs and still be up-to-date.

Second Jomres comes with lots and lots of features, like different types of tariff-setups, single-room-property features, smart discount system and the possibility of customised payment gateways besides the standard PayPal gateway. So if you have a hotel, a cottage, a camping raft, a camping or a holiday portal, Jomres will fit your needs, though it might need some effort.

My third and most important comment will be about the level of service that comes with the extension. I like people who run an honest business by selling a great product but I love people who do this AND provide support in a way that is constructive, friendly and fast. These are all elements Vince and Hazel excel in.

So, long story short...
A great extension when you need a booking system for whatever business you're running with the best support I've experienced yet. Besides that for lifetime free upgrades and support I think it sells to cheap.