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byjoshi, February 1, 2011
This software has a good idea on the basis, but it keep some problem that goes beyond documentation and support:
it's the "angry point" of your configuration.

it seems that there is NO way to configure the SEF system without unexpected behaviour happening all over your site.
I bet the problem also rely on the complexity of joomla itself ( plugins order, caching system, wathever ) , and on the fact that there are no comparison product really available against JoomSef itself...

The low score, to me, depends on this fact: you cannot even hope to find a suitable configuration without testing every possible option, and after you've end with it, it still won't work the way the documentation explain it to you.
That's enough to make me desire to get rid of this product as soon as possible.
Owner's reply

Hello, thanks for your feedback.
Well, you are right that this SEF URLs related stuff in Joomla is not easy. But it is not primarily JoomSEF fault. Most of the problems come from the add-on extensions, that are not written correcly according to Joomla API. Such components are kind of unpredictable and problems with them need to be solved case by case.

As regards settings, you are right there is many configuration options in JoomSEF. Maybe far too many and we plan to reduce the ammount. Still, we set them so, that with standard Joomla installation, you should have no need to adjust them, except to a minor tune-ups such as if you want the URLs to have .html suffix or not.