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I'm so glad to see that further developmnt of Fireboard (an already mature project) has continued, and that the Kunena team is so active and willing to add user ideas and to help users with any issues or changes they may like to make.

This is the forum component for Joomla right now in my opinion. I've tried a few forums and this one seems to have one of the best balances between maturity and updates/advancement
byjosolanes, December 17, 2008
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I signed up here just to give this review

You did an excellent job on uddeIM, it even recognizes Agora avatars! (first plugin I've found that immediately picks that up without any tinkering). And there are a lot of options within this, from display options to actual usability (the contact list is a GREAT idea, and I love how it autocompletes user names)

Once again, excellent job!