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byjoxxy87, May 19, 2013
Wow I can't believe this isn't a featured extension! Looks great and works great,too. Simple and free to use, in the spirit of open source! I hope more people discover this great extension!
byjoxxy87, April 25, 2013
Improve My City
I am amazed,this is so simple and elegant and easy to use and yet it is an even greater idea to be able to rise awareness about environmental issues and actually improve quality of living! How amazing is that! HUGE thanks to the devs!
Priceleaf shop
It seems as Joomla grows, there are less and less good free extensions for it. This extension seems to be a diamond in the rough, it has a good set of options for the average online shop, however the execution and layout are a bit rough around the edges in the backend. The worst part is essentially that there is virtually no english documentation. There are a few help documents in russian which can be translated via google,but even those are quite limited. I will try to use it,however it will be a challenge. I seriousy hope the developer puts a bit more effort into this, it is a rival to most commercial carts I've tried in terms of simplicity,but there is a lot to be done. Without a proper documentation, this component won't get the attention it deserves.
byjoxxy87, November 30, 2012
Encrypt configuration
Great SSL alternative,really easy to use! I use it for my site for over a year now and it really helped keep my website secure! I am very thankful for this great free extension and can recommend it to anyone looking to top up security on their joomla site.
byjoxxy87, November 30, 2012
Content Uploader
This saved me so much time and the articles I uploaded as sheets helped my SEO rating so much, thanks for this great extension! Masterpiece of simplicity!
byjoxxy87, May 14, 2012
Max Failed Login Attempts
Very good, does what it says in the description and it's easy to set up and use.
I run community builder and it works with the login system just as with joomla core.
Also, messages are customizable which is great and users can be reactivated from the user manager panel.