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byjoyhanawa, August 3, 2013
I am so glad I found this extension. I was searching for a content editor that would not strip out my code when I switched to WYSIWG mode (unsuccessfully) when I found a suggestion to use snippets. WOW, this is the best extension. I now have code snippets and text snippets that can be reused by me and my authors and I can protect my site by keeping everyone out of the source code. This extension was easy to install and use.
Akeeba Backup
I was backing up my database regularly but not my files... I had manual backups of my files... I got hacked - and I had to restore half my sites (I had backups, but it was a long and painful process). After I restored everything I researched and found this JoomlaPack extension and installed and tested it extensively.
It does EXACTLY what is says it does. It is fantastic. The documentation is outstanding.

-- Read the instructions (or if you are like me... at least load the pdf file and search it for your issues, the answers are there).

-- I am using the core install, but will soon upgrade to the plus version because I have joomla nested in directories, and I want to back those up separately, so I need to exclude them from my site backup.

-- If you have a standard joomla install, with no sub directories, this is really a great solution.

Last year I paid someone to move my site for me because I didn't have the time to research how, this would have solved that for me.

I cannot say enough good things about this extension. Thank you so much!