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byjpatti, August 18, 2008
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I am a new Joomla user. I do not know PHP, but have been developing in ASP for over a decade, so I understand a bit about coding.

The reason I chose this comments system for my Joomla site is because it's built to use the same table as for articles and uses a regular Joomla account for anonymous comments. It struck me as much more logical to use Joomla's own architecture for an extension rather than reinvent the wheel.

It seems to me a lot of extensions are built by developers who do their own thing, and that puts me at risk of their extension breaking when I upgrade Joomla. Working *with* Joomla seems better than just adding a bunch of stuff *to* Joomla.

As a new Joomla user, figuring out Joomla itself is a bit challenging. A lot of the extensions I've installed have required me to learn their backend as a separate learning experience. It's a *lot* easier to manage this extension because it treats comments as just another article.

The other advantage of using Joomla functionality for Joomla extensions is that you can then use Joomla tools on them. For instance, you can use the Latest News module to make a "Latest Comments" module on your site.

I like it *very* much. IMO, the developer made all the right architectural decisions to result in an elegant solution for comments.

It's not fancy, it's not flashy, it just *works* and it's easy.

I have struggled and gotten confused with nearly every extension I've installed. Partially, this is because I don't fully understand Joomla's architecture yet. But a *user* shouldn't have to!

This one, I installed, followed the instructions to set it up, wrote a few test comments, and never thought about it again. It's just there and it works and I don't have to remember how it works or what I did to hack it or anything. Simple.

I recommend this extension highly, not just to users to download and install, but to other Joomla developers to emulate!
Owner's reply

Thank you, jpatti, for such assessment of yvComment! The extension was made for and is used mostly by ordinary Joomla! users, who are not techies, and so most of the reviews of yvComment (here and in the forum) are from people, who don't use words like 'architectural decisions' :-). I love, that non-technical people use yvComment!

On the other hand, programming is only my hobby now, and I make my living as a Systems Architect. This is why this review that praises my work as an architect of the "comments system" is especially dear to me.
I hope that making right decisions for this extension (just like for any extension, that is so native to Joomla!) is helping Joomla! team to make right decisions for the Joomla! core. Maybe this is the kind of synergy that is a dream of all volunteer-based projects?!