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byjpavly, December 21, 2013
It's the best I've tested and the lightest.

But I'd like to have an auto slide feature..
byjpavly, October 26, 2013
ARI Image Slider
Tried 2-3 of my usual slideshows for a project but I had issues with jQuery options, this one has very detailed options, good job.
byjpavly, May 9, 2013
I mean wow, I spent hours of code editing for a few templates in order to make blog items to have the same height.

After installing this plugin I managed to do it within seconds!

You can also specify subclasses like:
.row-1 .blog-intro, .row-2 .blog-intro

Great plugin, thank you so much
byjpavly, May 8, 2013
This is a really powerfull plugin. You can either use it for a very simple gallery or tweak it to your needs through its options.

Really great, lightweight and simple.
byjpavly, May 1, 2013
Simple Pop-Up
This a great plugin, really powerful and also has great documentation.
byjpavly, April 27, 2013
Slideshow CK
This is an excellent module.

I personaly used it for a fullscreen background slideshow which is supported simply by turning on an option!

Sadly I can't make the regular slideshow to work but it's an issue with my jQuery that I'm trying to troubleshoot.

Many thanks to the dev!
byjpavly, April 23, 2013
FavSlider Responsive Slideshow
It's the best I've tested for my needs, yet it needs 2 more things to be perfect:

1) Ability to add more than 10 slides, or even better add a folder.

2) When you show a Portait image the image streches way too much in order to fit to the width, an option to stretch up to 100% of the page/div size whould be nice.

Other than that, it's really, really great. Thumbs up!
byjpavly, April 29, 2012
Very easy to setup, great plugin. Thanks!
byjpavly, April 27, 2012
Articles Contact Us Form
Very simple to use, no need even for loadposition code. Best module for a simple contact form.

Worked like a charm in my 3-Language site.
byjpavly, June 2, 2010
I tried almost all others before this one, but it did exactly the job I needed with little effort. Thanks.