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byjpbhcom, October 2, 2012
Joo ReCaptcha
I'd give a better rating if I was able to disable the captcha for the logout process. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I was unable to find a means to remove captcha without changing code in the extension.

At any rate it's a moot problem at best. Everything else with this extension is quite easy to manage, it allows enable/disable of captcha on the 5 biggest points.
byjpbhcom, February 3, 2012
VehicleManager Basic
To note, I was pleased enough to purchase the full version from ordasoft.

I am pleased with the function of the program it produces a very nice interface for adding & managing vehicle, rentals & sales. The name is a little misleading. Vehicle Manager is far more geared towards car sales/rentals. Thankfully they've had the forethought to build up the program with language files and so I was able to convert most of the fields to the boat terms my site needed.

I would have given top rating but I do have one problem in customizing. I had to customize a fair amount of the php function & template files. This is was easy to do, but limits me from easy updates. I can live with this, but I hope they consider producing vehicle type modules.

Their support is top notch, VERY quick in response.
byjpbhcom, October 31, 2011
Wonderful program, greatly appreciated addition to Joomla! imho. I was quite pleased to receive such timely, and worth while support responses too. My only regret at this point is I purchased the professional and not the unlimited version. I'm sure I'll be back to upgrade. Keep up the good work!
byjpbhcom, August 19, 2011
Moving Text
This is the BEST "marquee" pluggin in my book so far, and I've dinked around with a LOT of other extensions like this one.
It's SIMPLE to use. I used it for a news ticker, this + newsflash = CLEAN, simple, dynamic scrolling text, links, images, and about everything else I threw at it.

Keep up the great work!!
byjpbhcom, July 15, 2011
Include Component
Works exactly as stated. I found using it so easy, that it felt strange not having to fix ANYthing within it!

Keep up the good work.
byjpbhcom, July 15, 2011
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Modules Anywhere
This saved my hind a few times now! Great program, very useful, very easy to use, very easy to configure.

THANK YOU for creating this!
byjpbhcom, May 12, 2011
Phoca Download
I think the program is an absolutely amazing program, very complex, while still to the point. As to installation, settings, uploads it's an "Excellent!" program. BUT documentation on parent site is quite un-organised. I have found most of what I need in google searches, a touch of from the forums & very little in the documentation section. I would state that better tool-tips per settings/options & parameters would be very useful too.

I would gladly give this extension, a 5 star rating if the documentation with it was better. As usability goes it's quite brilliant.

A little more organisation and detail in documentation would definitely make my opinion change from 4 stars to 5.

Thank you for a wonderful extension.
Owner's reply

Hi, thank you for your review, see:

Thank you, Jan

byjpbhcom, March 18, 2011
It works well. It was easy to install. It looks nice. Has a lot of nice customizations.

Wish there was an option to create permanent thumbnails instead of caching them temporarily, as well as a "rebuild" function for changes. And a auto watermark.

Easy enough to implement on pages/articles but not for those unfamiliar with joomla module call tags and or the extremely "artsy types".

None the less I like this extension heavily, may cause me a little extra support time but for the look and feel I think it's worth it, AND I didn't have to code it myself. Keep up the good work!
byjpbhcom, February 11, 2011
Nice script! Easy to use and customise, easier still to implement.

BUT I could say it would be nicer still if there was a wysiwyg button for creating said links, for those that don't quite understand classes, targets.... I've met a lot.

Then again, I'll probably just set it up so whenever it sees a menu name or generic alias in the url it clicks into action, nice id 10 t proof method. (hence the 5 star rating!)
byjpbhcom, December 9, 2010
Simple Email Form
I like it. It'll definitely do the job I need it to do, but it would be nice if I could have more then one set of customisable fields.

All the same installation is easy, captcha setup is easy, customisable fields are easy. All in all nice program but needs some extra development. I could see paying for a "pro" version of this software.
byjpbhcom, December 9, 2010
As extensions go I like it. It was simple to install and make work, including the captcha api, etc.

For what I need it wasn't quite enough, even though I could create multiple contacts. Besides the contacts it wasn't very customisable.

Regardless what I need though this component provided a simple effect secure contact form, and when I require a simple secure contact form down the road for another project I'm sure I'll use this one.
byjpbhcom, November 26, 2010
Really nice program, I look forward to their next. The google map function was the major selling point for me but getting deeper into the program and it's customisations... It's far more then I had hoped for. I did pay for the license and I feel that was worth it as well. Tim and Vinny have been a wealth of knowledge giving details as to how to change their program to better fit their customers, and they respond quickly.

Keep up the good work!