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byjpbigois, July 4, 2007
Google Maps by Reumer
it's possible to load kml file made with google earth !
to make it compatible with J!B2
edit the xml file and replace tags with

i've tested your component on joomla 1.5 and i think i'll use it in the futur !
First of all i made modifications to use it with j!1.5 Beta 2 :
in xml file change line 3 to :

change line 156 to :

in the plugin_googlemap2.php at line 241 i replace :id = intval( mosGetParam( $_REQUEST, 'id', null ) );
$id = JRequest::getVar('id', null);
comment line 112 and uncommented line 113 for permissions access

that's done
Owner's reply

I'll make these adjustments to work with J!B2 in the next version.

Thanks Jean-Philippe