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byjpburt, November 12, 2009
RSform Pro
I use this extension for many forms on my most recent site. I will say that it definitely gets the job done and is very customizable. It is not, however, the king of Joomla forms components by any means. If you're looking for anything that needs conditional fields, look elsewhere unless you can write you won PHP script for this (which it does have a field to insert). The UI could use some work as well (it's not as polished as they make it sound).

On the upside a rare gem of a feature was the ability to send two e-mails upon form submission, one to admin and one to user. It also allows for file to be attached to user e-mail. This is what I needed because I wanted one of my forms to send the customer a coupon (pdf attached to e-mail) after they "registered" for it.

It also acts as a front-man for their many other useful components. These apps all integrate very tightly, but they have a little bit of a ridiculous price tag IMHO.

Their support is very good but their documentation leaves a bit to be desired. My main complaint is PRICE, but I still give this component a 5.
byjpburt, October 17, 2008
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Multi Sites
Just bought two days ago, already have all my sites loaded - amazing! Keeps all Joomla sites up to date with a few clicks and cuts space requirements. This is a must have if you maintain joomla sites for clients.

BEST PART -- I had a problem with JCE when using this, I contacted the developer, he fixed it within 24 hours, just because i asked! You can't get this kind of support on Joomla extensions, this component is invaluable!