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byjpi76, November 8, 2011
Akeeba Backup
The presentation is not correct.
It states it is free, but some of the listed features are only available in a paid version.

Unfortunately this has made it less usable for my needs. Sad.
Owner's reply

All of the advertised features are available in the free of charge version (Akeeba Backup Core) except for the send-to-email feature which I forgot to remove from this listing and I sincerely apologise for that. I will promptly remove it. Everything else listed above is in the free version. If you can't find it, please read the documentation which is available free of charge on our site, watch our video tutorials (free of charge, of course!!) or search for free of charge third party tutorials, in writing or video. That said, please note that we have a free of charge section on our forum dedicated to pre-sales questions and reporting issues, as well as a free of charge contact page. So, I don't really get why you downrated the software if the only feature not available is sending backups to email, a feature which was removed because it was impractical (backups over 1Mb –that is ALL backups!– not split in 1Mb segments as per the documentation instructions, which nobody read, would cause a timeout or memory exhaustion error).