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byjpneok, September 15, 2010
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Simple setup and interface, but -

It installed the demo data which was fine, but it says "Maximum number of ads listed, but you can book more" - but there is no link or option anywhere TO "book more". I even deleted an item and there is still no front-end "submit ad" option - is this a front-end app?
byjpneok, September 14, 2010
Community Builder
I had a bit of trouble signing up and getting my confirmation email to the Joomlapolis site, so I contacted the authors, as I couldn't find a more appropriate site help/issues link, and I was very impressed, even though I was just trying out the free CB Joomla extension, they got right on getting things working for me and I was able to download and install the extension - I haven't used it yet but I just wanted to give them kudos for prompt response!