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Joomdle does a great job integrating Moodle with Joomla, and in my case JomSocial. Once installed and configured, logins/logouts are seamless, as are edits/deletions of user profiles. Users can now enjoy the flexibility and advanced functions of Joomla CMS and JomSocial networking while connecting with their Moodle courses. Shopping cart integration is available for Tienda and VM but I haven't tried this yet.

Installation is relatively straightforward. Just follow their detailed instructions. Errors or problems are almost always related to some config issue in your server or other apps but solutions are easily found on the Joomdle forum.

Developers Antonio and Chris are tremendously helpful, especially when you consider that must errors occur from problems in your Joomla or Moodle settings rather than their product.

An excellent product worth supporting in the long term. Highest regards and ratings!